• The difference between nylon rope and polyester rope

    The difference between nylon rope and polyester rope

    Nylon ropes have the longest anti-aging and anti-corrosion time, while polyester ropes are prone to mold in the rain, each with its own advantages. Nylon rope is the most widely used among all ropes used. When a nylon rope is stretched, it has a “memory” that returns to its original...
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  • Attention: Storage conditions for marine UHMWPE rope

    Attention: Storage conditions for marine UHMWPE rope

    UHMWPE rope cables need to be stored in a clean and dry place; UHMWPE rope  need to be kept away from direct sunlight, which can accelerate the aging of the cables and affect their quality; UHMWPE rope should be kept away from high-temperature storage environments, and l...
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  • Dongtalent Marine Rope

    high-quality PP Polyester marine rope
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  • Popular Science on Several Chemical Fiber Ropes

    Popular Science on Several Chemical Fiber Ropes

    * Nylon Rope Strong in strength, light in weight, soft, with great elasticity, and not easily fatigued after long-term use; Has strong chemical resistance and does not undergo chemical reactions when exposed to oil; The surface of nylon rope will gradually fuzz after fri...
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  • Little knowledge about nylon ropes

    Nylon rope is a fiber optic finished product made from nylon slices. Due to the low production cost of this type of rope, its price on the market is also relatively low, making it widely used. Moreover, the characteristic of nylon ropes is that they are strong, heat-resistant, and wear-resistant,...
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  • The reason for choosing twisted rope

    The reason for choosing twisted rope

    Ropes have many uses in daily life, with the most common being tying and dragging items. There are also various production processes, such as twisting rope and weaving. Today, the editor will elaborate on the reasons why twisted ropes can be widely used. Ropes have...
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  • The difference between multifilament rope and monofilament rope

    The difference between multifilament rope and monofilament rope

    Double filament ropes and single filament ropes differ in structure and characteristics, mainly in their composition and performance. Single filament rope Composition: Made of a continuous filament, this filament is formed by the condensation of the molten synthetic resi...
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  • Spring is a good season for fishing

                The warm spring breeze, continuous spring rain, gentle spring breeze, and harmonious spring atmosphere can all express people’s love for spring, and fishermen are no exception. In mid spring, the temperature rapidly rises and the average temperature...
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  • If You Choose To Tie The Grass Rope, Choose Dongtalent Rope

    Linyi Dongtai Lite Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, and is a professional rope making company. The factory covers an area of 15000 square meters and has over ten years of experience in rope making. We have introduced advanced production equipment and profess...
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  • The Spring Festival

    The Spring Festival is the oldest and most solemn festival of the Chinese nation, commonly known as the New Year, New Year, and New Year’s Day, also known as the Chinese New Year, festivals, and years. The concept of Spring Festival and Year originally came from agriculture. In ancient t...
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  • Fishing nets are traditional tools for catching fish

    Fishing nets are commonly used tools by fishermen when fishing, and their structure and material are one of the key factors to ensure a balance between fishing effectiveness and safety. A good fi...
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  • Christmas 2023: What’s open and closed in Washington, D.C.?

    The last thing anyone wants to realize on Christmas Day is that they forgot to buy a gift for a loved one or that they missed a special ingredient for the holiday dinner. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s not completely hopeless. While many businesses are closed for the holiday, ...
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